The Division - Environment Art

I've been part of Tom Clancy's The Division since its conception and worked on the game since before the first reveal of the game back in 2013.

I was mainly part of the Environment Art team. However after the game and team grew , the Environment Art team was divided into two parts, Missions and Open World. I was part of the mission team, however during development I also spent a lot of time helping out the Open World team, propping and dressing our version of NYC. I've worked on a lot of minor locations but here I thought I'd focus on the main things I've worked on.

I mainly worked on: Madison Square Garden, Hudson Yards - Trainyard, Brooklyn Police Station, Time Square together with Jill Ralmark, Adam Olsson, Mathew O'Halloran and Chad Chatterton.

My duties were mainly to work closely with Level Designers and Art Leads/Directors to create the look of New York and in the case of missions to create interesting locations for game-play.

Tom Clancy’s The Division Trailer - RPG Gameplay