Left in Space - Sol Remix Entry

Hello! This is my entry for Nvidias #SolRemix Contest. I only spent 3 evenings worth of work to create this little cinematic experience since I was really late in joining the contest.

I've had a couple of questions regarding the work as well.
It's massively inspired by Halo and Mass Effect, both worlds have had a massive impact on my art and my life in general so it felt right to do a space setting for the entry.

The planet itself is not made by me; it's by this wonderful person:

The scene is dynamically lit in UE4, no RTX-features enabled.
I'm making heavy use out of the volumetric and I'm actually using black fog in this particular scene with colored lights
The character was provided by Nvidia and their SolRemix Competition
All of the video & audio editing was done in the Unreal Sequencer
Framework meshes are a complete black material
The music is made by "C21FX - AFTER THE FALL"