Wild West Challenge - Demons Control Me

" I have started noticing something wrong lately. I feel like I'm losing grip of reality, my actions are not my own anymore. All day I walk around in a daze, what's happening to me? "

Hello! This is my entry for the Artstation Wild West Challenge.
I decided to do something realistic this time around since I haven't made realistic art in quite a while. The scene has been made in Unreal Engine 4 and I've tried to keep everything game-res , even the lightmaps! Though I probably would need to tweak them further for a better result but I've actually ran out of time.

I hope you enjoy it :)

WildWest Room 4k ChrisRadsby

Christoffer radsby wildwest beauty 01
Christoffer radsby wildwest beauty 02
Christoffer radsby wildwest contruction lighting 01
Christoffer radsby wildwest construction lighting 02
Christoffer radsby wildwest contruction props 01
Christoffer radsby wip western room 04 paintings
Christoffer radsby wildwest contruction wood decals 01
Christoffer radsby wip westernroom 02 opt